Wonderful things and quitting early…

If you’re a Rekord Buddy 2 user you’ve surely seen one of those dialogs while using the app: Most people refer to theses as crashes and while, for all intent purposes, this might be somewhat accurate there is actually a lot more to it than just a simple crash. Wonderful things have to do with […]

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Mapping Traktor’s Preview Player on the Kontrol S8

I’ve been playing with the new Traktor Kontrol S8 for about a week now and one thing that I had to get working right away with it was the preview player. Traktor has this great feature that allows you to preview tracks in the monitor output, most likely your headphones, without loading them onto decks […]

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High Quality EQ Eight in Ableton Live

I recently saw an exchange on Twitter where someone discovered the over-sampling or high-quality mode for the EQ Eight in Ableton. To be fair, it is a well hidden little setting and even though it is in the manual, well… who reads manuals anyway. Over-sampling means the processing is done with a sampling rate higher […]

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Selection, not abundance.

The more people get into DJing, the more we seem to forget what DJing is about. I’ve already shared my thoughts on whether DJing is about the technical performance (it’s NOT), whether the DJ should be the center of attention (they shouldn’t, more on that in a future post) but now another crucial aspect of DJing […]

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Sync Don’t Matter

I’ve been wanting to make a post about sync for a while. This recent tweet by DJ Sneak made me finally put pen to paper and share my thoughts on the subject. I have huge admiration and respect for Sneak. The guy has been around forever, earned his dues and is obviously a great ambassador […]

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