Thank you!

I’m coming back for air from a rough few weeks of developing the 2.1beta to take some time and say thank you to all of you. Being an indie developer working on something like this can be overwhelming at times and knowing that you guys are appreciative of the work I do is a huge […]

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When spam eats your server…

Some of you might have noticed that the server was behaving erratically a few days in a row the other week. I always want to update everyone on what happened when things go wrong but I also wanted to make sure that we got to the bottom of it before posting a post-mortem. Here’s […]

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State of the (Rekord Buddy) union.

I started this blog originally to give you guys an insight into the development process and share more closely how things are moving forward with the app. As many of you know, Next Audio is not your typical software company in that the same person actually handles development, marketing, support, trade shows, etc… in one […]

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What’s next for Rekord Buddy?

I started developing Rekord Buddy™ back in 2012, shortly before I started Next Audio Labs™. Back then the main goal was the same it is now, to write a tool that I thought was useful and that was not available anywhere else. I went through some early beta versions which were distributed via my Facebook […]

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Peek behind the curtain

I’ve been wanting for a while now to give you guys a peek at what goes on behind the scenes of Rekord Buddy. Not just that but a candid look at how Next Audio Labs works and what I’m up to on a….ahem…more regular basis. Rekord Buddy is my baby, it’s basically something I wish […]

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