Rekord Buddy 2.0.15(198) is out.

I’ve just posted a new build for Rekord Buddy 2. This is a recommended update for all users and includes the following changes: FIXED: Some users could not update their rekordbox XML files. In order to get the update you have 3 solutions: If you can currently launch the app without crashes. Doing so should […]

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Re: life and loss…

In 2003 my dad passed away. Back then I was at the helm of a 40 people game developing company and I struggled with how to share this news with the rest of the team. Did I even need to do so or should I just pretend like nothing happened? Last Sunday my mom passed away […]

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Rekord Buddy 2.0.14(197) and 2.1.0beta(511) are out.

I’ve just posted two new builds for Rekord Buddy 2. These are recommended updates for all users of either 2.0 or the 2.1 beta and includes the following changes: For 2.0.14(197): FIXED: Some playlists names could cause issues importing from Serato. FIXED: Loop markers with 0 length could cause issues importing from Traktor. FIXED: Errors […]

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