DJs are the new rockstars

DJS ARE THE NEW ROCKSTARS (CLICK ON TITLE FOR LINK TO THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE) Gone are the days when DJs were just mere record selectors, confined to a dark corner of a night club. Nowadays these are the rock stars of their age and their success is enough to make your head spin. Sad but […]

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James Taylor’s 40-foot shipping container echo chamber

JAMES TAYLOR’S 40-foot SHIPPING CONTAINER echo chamber (CLICK ON TITLE FOR LINK TO THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE) For almost a decade, James has talked about building an echo chamber for his home studio, TheBarn. Echo chambers are commonly used to add reverb in a recording studio. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. During […]

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MixVibes teasing new iOS app

MIXVIBES TEASING NEW IOS APP (CLICK ON TITLE FOR LINK TO THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE) …that’s about it. So, get excited, or not, depending on if this seems like your cup of tea. As usual with these things there is not a lot go go by at the moment but it’s interesting to see how polished […]

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Rekordbox DJ DVS support shown at NAMM

REKORDBOX DJ DVS SUPPORT SHOWN AT NAMM (click on title for link to the original article) Donning my detective hat, decompiling rekordbox appears (and in no way confirmed) to show keyboard and timecode support for Serato DJ and Traktor (but only v1), so it looks like you might not have to buy all new control vinyl after all, unless […]

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Smartphone Encryption Is a Red Herring

SMARTPHONE ENCRYPTION IS A RED HERRING (click on title for link to the original article) …while I am proud of Tim Cook for fighting back on this issue, it saddens me that he appears alone on the world stage while doing this. Powerful people in technology such as Mark Zukerberg of Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey […]

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What happens Next?

So the Beta went live this morning and so far things are looking good. There are a few issues being worked on, a new build should be available tonight or tomorrow at the latest. If you’re curious about how to get started with the Beta, I made a little video that should get you started. […]

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Announcing the first limited public Beta

For immediate release. To say that everyone (me) at Next Audio Labs towers is excited right now is an understatement. Check out the FAQ for more info. Aliso Viejo, CA (January 18, 2016): Today, Next Audio Labs®’s flagship product Rekord Buddy 2 is taking a major step toward its final release with the announcement of […]

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