Failures to launch and that 1.7 update

Basic Explanation On December 19th I release version 1.7 of Rekord Buddy, including great new features like DirectSync with Traktor collections, backups of your collection files and a much simpler interface for preferences and settings. Shortly after the release, it became apparent that some users where having problems with one 100% reproducible crash and one […]

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What’s new in Rekord Buddy 1.7?

A new version of Rekord Buddy is coming out today with tons of new features and some great improvements to your workflow. Let’s go thru the main new items and give you some insight on how they came about. // Introducing DirectSync The most obvious improvement is that Rekord Buddy now syncs directly with your […]

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Updating the Website

So what started out as just a little WordPress blog thingy quickly turned into this. Funny how I can’t look into something without learning it inside out and going head first into the rabbit hole. The previous site was made using Rapid Weaver. I started using that as a replacement for iWeb, trying to find […]

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